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[Firmware] Alexmos 2.50b0 (release candidate)

Posté : 24 mars 2015, 17:57
par TiTidom

Dans les cartes de stabilisation pour nacelle, on ne présente plus les cartes Alexmos : diablement efficaces sur un multi quand elles sont bien réglées, elles sont un poil compliquées à "tuner" correctement.

Une version 2.50b0 (en RC pour le moment) est disponible sur le site depuis quelques jours, au menu dans cette version :

GUI (Windows, OS X, Linux): (8Mb 23.03.2015)
User Manual (English): SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_50_eng.pdf (1Mb 23.03.2015)

User-written scripts (see Language Reference and user manual)
IMU temperature calibration and compensation.
New tool "Analyze" to make analysis of system response.
Notch filters have adjustable gain (0..100%)
"Motor outputs" settings group is changed to per-profile basis
GUI and firmware support Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) module communication (experimental)
New setting group "Outer PI controller" to adjust values for outer (cascade) PI controller (default value is 100 suit most setups)
New option "Swap frame and main sensors" to use frame IMU as main IMU and vice versa
New option "Gyro deadband" to cut off gyro noise around zero (that may be audible as 'white noise' in heavy setups)
New option "I2C high-speed". Use it carefuly: high speed mode may cause I2C errors.


Frame upside-down command loads default profile after reset
frame upside-down detection doesn't work if "skip gyro calibration" is disabled.
acceleration limiter does not work properly with the big speed setting in the "Follow" mode: camera overshoots target position

ENCODER version:

New encoder type "Analog". See updated manual ... coders.pdf
Different encoder types may be assigned to different axis
Option to adjust sound volume in the 'beep by motors' mode in the 'Service' tab
Bug fixed: frame upside-down switching is not correct
Several bugs fixed related to encoder calibration

Et la doc est disponible en pièce jointe également.

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